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Ultimate Norway has moved!

For those of you visiting “Ultimate Norway” … our new home is now
We’ve expanded to include Iceland, Greenland & Norway, with new photography workshops and of course, plenty of images.


So please head on over there and check us out!  And be sure to “follow” our blog and join us on Facebook as well.




Welcome to Ultimate Norway!

After our Winter Iceland Adventure Workshops, Greg Duncan and I traveled to the far northern reaches of Norway, to an area known as Lofoton along the western coast of Norway above the Arctic Circle. We are here to finalize our preparation for our forthcoming photography adventures here.

This is a beautiful country with images at every turn. We cannot wait to release our workshop dates and be able to provide photographers with quality workshops here in Norway. Please stay tuned.

Below are just a few images taken this week:

lofoton, norway


sunset in lofoton, norway


cabins in lofoton, norway


lofoton, norway


norway sunrise


village of lofoton, norway